We kindly remind you that all removals are undertaken at the owner's risk. Please note that in the event of any damages, losses or shortages, the company will not be liable to provide compensation. It is important to acknowledge and agree that the Contract of Carriage detailed herein is a Contract for Carriage at the owner's risk. As such, the carrier company will only be liable for compensation in the rare case of intentional loss or damage to the goods.

To further reduce the risk of damage to your belongings during transit or storage, Auckland Moving Professionals recommend utilizing their Packing Services and premium packing materials, which have been designed for optimum protection, cushioning, and strength.

It’s important to consider purchasing movers insurance when moving your personal belongings, as unexpected accidents can happen during transit or storage. What we have done to make this easy on our valued customers is partner with Marble Insurance to provide an efficient way to take out the necessary insurance products. We do not receive any monetary benefit from this arrangement and are not providing any financial advice.

Information from Marble Insurance below:

Taking out Insurance when you are moving your treasured household goods is crucial. Although most generic contents insurance policies provide cover for your belongings while they’re in transit, the level of cover can be quite limited. A dedicated Household Goods transit policy will cover “Accidental loss, physical damage or destruction of the Property Insured whilst in transit”, As always, terms and conditions apply. If you are moving in New Zealand we highly recommend moving insured.

To make it easy for you to establish the insured value of your items, it is recommended to complete the Insurance Valuation Guide which is available on page 3 of the form. If you click the button below you can begin filling out your details to get the ball rolling. We look forward to hearing from you.

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