Tips for moving house – Part 1

Make a list!

This should be your starting point before moving house. Make a list and keep a record of everything. Write a number on each box, and then write down what’s in the box. And number EVERY box. Keep your list in a little notebook, or even better, on a computer. So box ONE will have a list of things. After moving house you need to find something, simply go back to your list and voila!

Colour co-ordinate

By assigning a colour to each box you make it easier to sort once you move into your new home. Each room should have a colour, eg Red for kitchen, blue for bedroom, etc. This makes it easier for the movers to put the boxes where they need to go. If you don’t like the colour idea, then make sure you clearly label each box as to which room in belongs after moving house.

Keep things together

One of the absolute worst parts of moving house is unpacking and not being able to find things that should be together. Setting up your TV, but the power cable is no-where to be found, trying to put your bed together but the bag of screws are in another box somewhere and you don’t know which… these are all real problems that people have when moving house. Make sure it doesn’t happen to you by putting things together. Tape your remote control to the back of the TV so it can’t go anywhere!

Safeguard your valuables

Again, a very important part of moving house. Make sure you keep all the important things together. And by important we don’t mean expensive. Things like passports, wills, birth certificates… all these things would be a nightmare to replace if they get lost. Keep them secure in a special box and take it with you; don’t lump it in with the rest of your things, they’re too important.