Tips on how to pack moving boxes

As one of the best moving companies Auckland has to offer, we know a thing or two when it comes to packing. Check out these hints and tips when it comes time to pack your moving boxes.

Type of box

Good quality cardboard boxes should be used when it comes time to move, not flimsy boxes that the local supermarket were throwing out. And the size of the boxes are important too. Put heavy items in smaller boxes- overloading big boxes with heavy stuff is simply asking for trouble. If you have a few bigger boxes, then fill them with lighter things, like linen and pillows.

Fill each box

Don’t leave any empty spaces in packing boxes. Fill in those gaps with tissue paper, clothing, towels or newspaper. This stops the items moving about inside and reduces the risk of anything breaking.

Organise your moving boxes

By organise, we mean, pack the same items in each box, and label them. What do we mean by same items? Everything for the bathroom should stay in the same box. Your toothbrushes and shampoos shouldn’t be packed with your pasta sauce. By labeling each box, you’ll at least know where to look for things when it comes time to unpack.

Make a list of contents

Using a small notebook, write a short list of contents for each box and either tape it to the box, or keep it all together in your notebook. Number each box and list accordingly, that way if you need something, you’ll know which box it’s in.

Tape everything up

What’s the point of packing everything away only for it to fall out the bottom as soon as you lift it? Make sure those moving boxes are taped up tight, double taped in fact! Use good parcel tape or, even better, duct tape. There’s nothing that duct tape can’t fix.

So there you go, some packing tips from one of the best moving companies Auckland has to offer!