Why we’re one of the best moving companies in Auckland.

We here at Auckland Moving strongly believe we are one of the very best moving companies in Auckland. And it’s not just us blowing our own horn! We’ve got the statistics to back it up too!

The Experience

Auckland Moving has been in the moving business for over 25 years, and we have moved over 5000 properties in the past ten years. That’s a lot of trips across town! And each one is another notch on our belt. Each one is another satisfied customer. This is the one thing that other moving companies in Auckland can’t buy; experience.

The Professionalism

Side by side with experience comes professionalism. We wouldn’t have been around this long if we weren’t good at what we do. With our years of industry experience and proven procedures by a professional team, we’ve got this down to a fine art. From initial assessment, to planning to execution, we’ve got it sorted to perfection. And we put our money were our mouth is! If we’re not on time the morning of your move, you get the first hour for free!

The Satisfaction

This is the real reason why we’re one of the very best moving companies in Auckland. Our customers are always left satisfied. Over the  years we’ve had many people come back to us for another move, sometimes after 6 months, sometimes after ten years. They come back to us because they know we get the job done, and they know we do it right. Customers know we look after their possessions like they were our own. They know we turn up on time, and they know we do the very best job that can be done. We’re not taking a “smoko” every 5 minutes, we’re not throwing your things into a pile in the back of a van. We’re looking after our most valuable assets; our customers.

It’s all these things and more that make us the better choice than other moving companies in Auckland. Give us a call today and lets get you moved!