Four tips for moving office

Moving office isn’t the same as moving house. Although they’re very similar, there’s subtle differences that can catch you off guard. That’s why we’ve put together this short article, giving you tips when your business is moving office.

Forget about an online quote

What we mean by this is an online quote simply isn’t suitable for moving office. A moving company should really have a walk-through of your office, taking notes on what they see. Office equipment and furniture is different from a house, and it may take more time/manpower/space to move. Having someone come out and give you an on-site quote will be more accurate, and less likely to result in a nasty shock at the end of the day when the bill comes through.

Listen to your moving company

During the walk-through, listen to the advice your movers are giving you. Filing cabinets for example; should they be full to maximise space, or empty to make it easier to move? And what about things like artwork? Should they be moved separately? Do you need extra insurance? All these little things that make moving office different from moving home.

Plan ahead

Ok, this sounds like a given, but you’d be surprised how many people overlook the little things. Decide beforehand where everyone and everything is going to go in your new office. This will help your moving company when they start to unload your stuff. And also have one member of staff in charge, so the movers know who to come to with any questions or problems.

Have a good clear-out

Moving office is always a good time to have a good clear out of all the deadwood that gathers over time. There will probably be some old monitors, a printer or an office chair that doesn’t work properly, tucked away somewhere. Donate the equipment and use it as a tax write off, or sell it to a used furniture place for an extra few bucks. Remember, the less you have to move, the cheaper and quicker it is.