How To Lift Heavy Boxes When Moving House

Moving house is a big deal, and it’ll be an even bigger deal if you hurt your back when trying to lift something heavy. If you’re packing up to move on, then make sure you know how to lift heavy boxes properly, otherwise you might find yourself in a lot of trouble.

When people do injure themselves, it’s usually because they haven’t taken the necessary precautions beforehand. You need to read upon the correct way to lift something heavy before moving house, so it doesn’t become a problem during your relocation.

These tips may seem obvious, but remember, thousands of people every year in New Zealand injure themselves lifting something. Don’t be one of those people!

Before lifting

Give yourself a wee stretch before moving house. Slowly bend over at and try to touch your toes. Just let gravity do the work, don’t force yourself. Then stand up straight and reach your arms to the roof. Again, don’t push yourself. Stretch out as far as you feel comfortable and then back down to your toes. You should be able to go a little further this time. Repeat a couple of times and then you should be ready to lift a moving box. Clear a path before you lift anything, make sure there’s nothing you can trip over on the way to the van.

Check how heavy the box is first

Many injuries happen because people under-estimate or simply don’t check how heavy a box is first. This sudden jarring can really mess up your muscles, so rick the box from side to side a little first to get a feel for the weight of it, and how the box is balanced. You don’t want one side to be a lot heavier than the other.

Get in close

When lifting a moving box, make sure you get in close to it. The closer you are, the easier it is to lift. Make sure you can lift the box without your arms outstretched, if you have to reach for it, you’re too far away. The further away the item your carrying is from your body, the more strain is put on your lower back.

Lift with your legs!

Yes, we all know this one, but that doesn’t mean we all follow this simple, basic rule. Squat down and lift the box by standing up. NEVER bend over at the waist to lift something. That’s how most people hurt themselves.

So save yourself a lot of times, energy and pain by following these simple guidelines first before moving house.