How to place items into a storage facility

If you’re moving home, then there might be a period where you’ve moved out of your old house, but for some reason can’t move into your new one. This is where a storage facility can come in really handy.

Choosing a self storage facility

This is the first thing on your to-do list. The main thing to think about when it comes to a storage facility is security. Will your things be ok when you come back to get them? And we’re not just talking about theft, but think of protection from the element too. Check out where your stuff is going to be kept first by seeing the location and storage facility.

Things to consider

There are three things to consider when choosing a storage facility. Security, Size and Time.

  1. When it comes to security, does this storage facility have adequate security measures? Does it have security cameras or regular patrols? Is it fenced off from the public?
  2. Size is equally important, so think about your stuff. What are the options for storage sizes? Will it all fit? If not, do you need to rent two storage units or upgrade to a more expensive one?
  3. Time also plays a factor in your considerations. If you’re storing your stuff for a long time, then how does that play a part? Is there a special deal for a certain amount of time? And if it is a long time, then can you come and have access to your things if you need it? If it’s only for a few weeks, or you’re not sure when you’re getting a new house, can you just turn up on any given day to get your stuff? These are all important questions to ask

When you’ve finally found the storage facility you need, then packing is the next thing on the list….

Check back soon for our article on packing a storage facility.