The best way to pack clothes

As if moving wasn’t stressful enough, you also have to pack! Clothes are especially annoying to pack up because they’re not designed to fit together nice and snuggly. They’re also deceptively heavy, so you really do need to plan ahead when it comes to packing clothes. Take a look at some of the following tips when it comes to packing your clothes for a move.

Get rid of the deadwood

When clearing out your wardrobe, you’ll find a lot of old clothes that you haven’t work in a long time. Moving home is the perfect time to clear out all the old clothes you don’t wear anymore. There’s simply no sense in moving things you don’t need. Donate them to charity or give them to friends and relatives that might wear them.

Keep some clothes out

Remember, don’t pack away everything. You’re going to need clothes those few days that you’re moving and setting up your new home. If you have work clothes, make sure they’re not in a box somewhere under everything else.

What season is it?

If it’s summer, pack away all your winter clothes first, and visa versa. It’s one thing you can put away and forget about, and when it comes time to unpack, you don’t have to waste time pulling out all these old clothes you don’t need for six months.

Pack like you’re going on holiday

Pack all your clothes up into suitcases first, this will make it a lot easier. Put your delicates in there, and then put larger things like sweaters and blankets into boxes.

Pack shoes separately

This is for a couple of reasons, but mainly because it will prevent your clothes from getting dirty. If you still have the boxes for your shoes, then this will make things a lot easier when it comes to moving.